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Hi! I'm Daniella, but I go by Dani. :)

I started this journal after the big move to Singapore in 2006, and have kept it ever since. Although I've lessened (and toned down) the angst-y, teenager rants, I can't promise that I won't be posting such things anymore lol.

I was born in the month of April some years ago. I'm big on anything that has to do with dance. Took ballet for 13 years or so; dancing with my university's dance team now. Frustrated hip-hop dancer, haha. Currently living in Manila, Philippines, where I was born and raised. Lived in Singapore for two years, though, and in that time, I've changed most as a person. I've traveled to bits of Asia, Europe, and a couple of states of the U.S. in between. Favourite places thus far: Italy, Sydney, and Nepal tops my list. Dream destinations would be Turkey and Greece.

On-and-off Harry Potter geek, an occasional reader, and random fangirl. My taste in music and other things with regards to pop culture change as I grow up... but the 90s will forever hold a place in my heart. I cry when I watch sappy movies, and the sometimes, during action movies. Haha! I'm kind of a control freak with certain things, but I can never keep my room clean. I like to plan but I don't mind winging it sometimes. I contradict myself a lot, weeee!

How to win me over? Surprise me... a Hershey's Kiss, a real kiss, a flower, a hug :)
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